History of Wellsprings of Continuum

In 2006, Emilie Conrad and I had many conversations about the multiple requests from holistic practitioners who desired to include Continuum in their practices.

These requests were coming from their experience that Continuum was making contributions to the field of Somatics. Practitioners noticed how Continuum enhanced the resonance between themselves and their clients. They also found that their clients became more receptive to their own bio-intelligence and their ability to integrate sessions.  To serve this vision, Emilie and I conceived the idea of teaching practitioners the principles and practices employed in Continuum and its applications for private work with clients.

We decided that an 18-day training offers a unique opportunity for immersion into Continuum practices and principles, profoundly deepening one’s own personal experience with Continuum. This longer class format allows participants from all over the world to attend. Once we initiated this program we discovered that the process within the group was a conducive environment for enhancing empathy, compassion, and group wisdom; skills necessary for the use of Continuum in a personal and private practice.

In 2012, Emilie and I had a discussion about what would happen if one of us became ill. We both agreed that Gael Rosewood was the perfect choice. We also both respected Gael’s commitment and honesty to the Inquiry. Gael has over 40 years working in a private practice as a Rolfer. She was an instructor at the Rolf Institute, teaching both Structural Integration and Rolfing Movement. She met Emilie in 1979 and I met her in 1993. Gael and I both participated in the teacher trainings that Emilie and Susan Harper offered and became Continuum teachers in 1999.

When Emilie died in 2014 her expressed wish was that we would continue to teach Wellsprings as an essential pathway to developing one’s perceptual skills both for self-care and for excellence as a practitioner.

Gael and I taught the Wellsprings program together in 2014 and the vision of the Wellsprings Practitioner Training continues to evolve. Our trainings have included a wide range of professionals; an eye doctor, a rabbi, a philosophy professor, a gynecologist, a dream therapist, teachers of voice, drama and dance, as well as participants seeking Continuum for their personal health and healing regime.

Emilie Conrad often said, “We are all Health Artists and Continuum helps to elucidate this premise.” 

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