Wellsprings Workshops and Retreats

Continuum Teacher Practicum 2019
with Gael Rosewood and Patricia von Weichs
July 21-28 2019, Münster, Germany PDF FLYER

Following in the tradition of the first Teacher Trainings that Susan Harper offered with Emilie Conrad, this 7 day class allows:

  • Teachers-in-training to learn, play and move together and to share in the initiation of teaching each other.
  • This will be a safe environment to explore the challenges of stepping into the teaching role and to allow that process to be tended. Each segment of preparing a class will be practiced and discussed from making meaning through words to demonstrating through movement, from creating and teaching lay-outs to managing group dynamics.
  • In the event you are ready for the next step, this training prepares to you present a class in front of an ad hoc Review Pod of CTA teachers at a teacher gathering.
  • Alternatively this training can provide the video of your teaching for review by your mentors in the Continuum Teacher Association.
While the Foundations of Continuum 14 day training is highly recommended in order to bring an understanding of the history and breadth of Continuum practices, it is possible that this training may be taken by itself with recommendation your mentors.

Contact: Gael +1 303 585 0183 gaelrosewood@gmail.com or Patricia +49 251 9620 3342 post@patriciavonweichs.de   

Sea Dreams: Continuum on the Atlantic Ocean
with Robert Litman and Cory Blake
September 28th - October 5th, 2019, Outer Banks, NC PDF FLYER

The Ocean dreamt us, and calls us now to a new dreaming. Imagine 7 days with her: moving on her beach, immersed and sounding into her waves; scanning her undulant vastness from the deck of an ocean front beach house surrounded by your fluid, breathing and heartful Continuum community. You take her body into your body. You remember her body is your body.

What Dreams will you bring: ones that dissolve memories or patterns that do not serve you? Ones that initiate new vision and life rhythm that will? Will you come for rest and restoration? Will you come to remember the fire? Will you come to dive into the mystery? Will you come to offer yourself to life?

In The Weeks before this gathering, we will tune to one another in virtual online meetings to prepare the communal field. We will co-create Continuum dives as portals, practices and inquiries, but intend primarily to be open and available to the emergent unexpected.

In Communion with the sea and each other, we will tune ourselves to the essential and mysterious “nowplay” of love. We will draw power from the wildness of the sea, from dreams, from each other and from loving sensory awareness.

We Aspire to hold the container of this time lightly, and imagine substantial time in both silence and authentic social aliveness. We will arrange simple nourishing meals tailored to support the individual and the community.

This Ocean Continuum gathering is designed for people with Continuum experience. If it appeals to you and you are new to Continuum, please seek out a local teacher and contact Robert or Cory to discuss.

Contact: Robert 206-707-1639 robert@thebreathablebody.com or Cory Blake 804-304-6299 returnman@aol.com  

Resonant Body: Practical Explorations of Our Sublime Nature
with Sabine Mead

October 25-27, 2019 in Durham, North Carolina

In the rapid flow of 21st century life, our understanding of the nature of existence is dissolving and shifting as new science corroborates ancient wisdom. We are redefining our concepts of self and other, moving beyond visible anatomy into the realm of the quantum. Slowly, we are coming to understand the human being as an evolving process shaped by experience through the body.

The architecture of the body is a living sanctuary cultivated over eons,exquisitely designed for enstatic states of consciousness. It is through this holy embodiment that we tap our resonant capacity and discover our multidimensional nature.

Resonance may be defined as the living language of the matrix, the unifying field of wholeness. It is the embodied experience of frequency as movement. It is a dynamic expression of relationship between all forms. Our essential nature emanates from and is expressed through resonance.

In this 3 day immersion, through the unfolding of Continuum, we will examine and experience:

  • New Physics as context for the quantum body
  • Field phenomena
  • Microverse & multiverse
  • 3D embodiment to 5D embodiment
  • Enstasy & ecstasy
  • The 3 Anatomies: Cultural, Biological & Cosmic

Tuition: Early Bird $295; after March 10 for San Antonio and after August 1 for Durham $325 (additional $5 to use PayPal)

To register for San Antonio, contact Suzanne Wright Crain at thecosmicbody@gmail.com or visit www.thecosmicbody.com.

To register for Durham, contact Sabine at resonantbody@me.com.

Spine ~ A Riverbed of Love
A Six Month Online Virtual Workshop Series

with Bobbie Ellis & Robert Litman

Virtual Schedule:
Tuesday evenings, 7–8:30 pm ET
Nov 12, Dec 10, Jan 14, Feb 17, Mar 17 & Apr 14, 2020

“There is a current of love-energy that flows between Earth below and the Sun above. The central channel of your spine is the riverbed. The streaming is as delicate and powerful as the tingling touch of lovers. Entering here, Radiance arches between above and below. Your whole attention resting in the subtle, vibrating in the center of the spinal column. Tracing this current between Earth and Sun, become magnetism relating to all the worlds.”

~ Radiance Sutras – Yukti Verse 12

We are offering this virtual series to deepen the explorations in the Riverbed of Love. Robert taught this class in Richmond, VA and again in Highland Park, NJ along with Bobbie Ellis.

Each month we will share experience, lay out and practice a dive and explore further the intelligence of the body and this Radiance Sutra. The weekend workshops were just the tip of possibilities...

Between the classes we encourage you to create regular times to dive into the sequences provided, enhancing the excitement of discovery. Layering (repeating) creates durability in learning to live from our interior body intelligence, the home of knowledge. Layering establishes skills of creative versatility as the body continues to innovate as it undulates. Keeping a journal to share discoveries will help to deepen the conversation each time we gather again.

Six session commitment - $150

To Register: Contact Bobbie Ellis at 732.777.9642 persada@aol.com or Robert Litman at 206.707.1639 robert@thebreathablebody.com

Journey into the Mystery #12:
Anger, Grief, and Despair,
Bitter Medicine for Transformation

with Robert Litman and Carole Burstein
January 23-27, 2020, Maui HI

In this 12th Journey into the Mystery, we will venture into the powerful territory of those deep emotions, whose very existence threaten our conditioned notions about who we are. Anger, grief and despair do not get collective validation nor endorsement, yet the potency they contain can transform a life of meaningless existence into one of enlivened vibrancy. Rather than being testimonies to isolation and disconnection, these states can transport us into heartfelt belonging to everything and everyone.

During our 5 days together we will explore what happens when these emotions are denied, repressed, ignored. We will discover together how to meet these dark feeling states, learn from their sacred teachings and access their transformative powers. Anger, grief and despair have the capacity to awaken us from the slumber of our complacent habits of being. The Mystery of human existence includes this triumvirate of experiences in order to reveal treasures of our humanness that have been banished to unconscious numbness. Their revelation and reclamation can forever redefine who we are and how we live our lives.

With all the turbulence and violence currently in the external world, it is imperative that they can be used as resources instead of platforms for blame, shame, guilt, regret and more violence and destruction.

Come discover the mystery and magic of this dark, powerful trio; learn how they can be the medicine for ailments known and those frozen in numbness and dissociation.

To Register or for More Info: Contact Robert 206-707-1639 robert@thebreathablebody.com or Carole 808-891-8662 cbaloha@gmail.com   

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