Introducing Wellsprings of Continuum

How does one shift an outlook or an 'inlook' when we ARE the lens that meets the world? Unconsciously we model the familial, cultural and social contexts and expressions that surround us. This is a necessary capacity to belong and find appropriate behavior. Yet, if we lose track of our own unique and creative being, life becomes flat and without joy.

Being in touch with the meaning/resonant aspect of life is not only a mental exercise. The inside story of feeling fully alive is one of connection to heart, spirit, soul; it is a re-membering of the wild and free nature of our own living, breathing being. Peace begins here. God is not elsewhere.

Wellsprings of Continuum, based on the teaching and vision of Emilie Conrad, is an inquiry into the inner landscape of sensation and movement. From this primary language of the silent body we learn to listen, tend and receive our own intelligence. By returning to the simple sensuality of knowing gravity and finding deeper rest into support, our breathing becomes more nourishing and satisfying. We develop an ability to track the inner vibration of vocal sounding and to follow subtle movement impulses. This play teaches us the eloquence and power of fluidity as it courses through our tissue and restores our sense of resonance with nature's primary language.

Learning the vocabulary of sensation helps create differentiation in tissue, feelings and responses. Good decisions, nourishing intake, appropriate pacing and a truer expression of self are all by-products that encourage a restoration of health.

ROBERT LITMAN has spent the last 26 years guiding clients and students in the use of movement, breath and sound as a tool for personal growth, restoring healthy breathing rhythms, structural alignment, and efficient body mechanics. He is the creator of The Breathable Body workshops.

He co-developed the Wellsprings Practitioner Program with Emilie Conrad, founder of Continuum and co-taught with her for 18 years.  As a member of the faculty of Continuum he made many contributions to Continuum’s practices, particularly in the sciences, incorporating respiratory physiology, neuroanatomy and cellular biology.

Robert has been studying with Susan Harper, creator of Continuum Montage, for over 20 years and also co-teaches with Susan. He has an advanced certification in the Duggan/French Approach to Somatic Pattern Recognition, which has provided him with hands on skills to help guide clients' movement and breath education awareness processes.

Robert now makes his home on Vashon Island, WA., continuing to offer private sessions and classes in movement and breathing. He regularly leads classes and workshops worldwide.

GAEL ROSEWOOD began her life long inquiry in the field of somatics at the age of 19 when she went to work at Esalen Institute for the summer in 1968. There she met Ida Rolf, founder of Rolfing (Structural Integration). The next year she was trained as a Rolfer. The year after that she began 8 years of trainings with Judith Aston, of Aston Patterning. In 1978 Gael participated on the Rolf Inst. faculty as both as a movement and Rolfing instructor.

In the early 80's Gael met Emilie Conrad Da'oud whom she continued to study with for 32 years. She also assisted and taught with her for many of those years. 

She has also studied other modalities such as; Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing, visceral manipulation, cranial/sacral, nerve sheath release and working with scar tissue.

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A big thank you to Andy Hooker at LensScaper for the background picture of flowing water on the title.

Please note: The Breathable Body, LLC and/or Robert Litman and Gael Rosewood is not affiliated with or sponsored by Continuum Movement, Inc. and/or Emilie Conrad-Da'Oud, Inc.

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